Facebook & Instagram ads course

This course is designed to teach individuals or businesses how to create, manage, and optimize effective advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram platforms. This training provides participants with practical knowledge and skills to leverage the advertising features and tools offered by Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Ads Manager effectively.

Course Outline

  •   Introducation of Facebook Ads
  •   Facebook Ads Manager
  •   Campaign Structure
  •   Create Facebook Ads
  •   Instagram advertising
  •   Ad Policies for Content
  •   Targeting: Core Audiences
  •   facebook pixel and retargeting
  •   Determine Your Campaign Objective
  •   Ad Billing and Payments


As such, there are no formal pre-requisites to pursue this course. However, the candidate needs to have a basic understanding of computer science and internet. Also, before taking up the exam, it is necessary to be thorough with the exam topics.i


IP Expert provides more than 17 digital marketing certifications to the students. Out of those, nine are from Google, three Hubspot certifications; one Facebook certification, one Bing certification, and the rest are from affiliated vendors in the industry. You also get a Facebook & Instagram ads expert certification once you pass a online exam from IP Expert.

We make sure that all our students are well-trained before they appear for the exam. Our team of professionals helps you with the registration process as well. You can link your digital certification badge to al l your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn to tell the world what you have achieved.

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What Will You Learn ?

During this course, you will learn tools and techniques that are used to grow any business through Facebook and Instagram ads. By the end of the training, you will have the knowledge and skills to create advertising campaigns, increase brand awareness and attract potential customers on these popular social media platforms.

  •   Know about features, similarities, and differences between Facebook and Instagram ads platforms.
  •   Learn about ad formats available on both platforms such as photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, stories ads, and more.
  •   Learn how to write a structured and compelling ad copy that that can reap monetary benefits.
  •   Learn how to invest a small amount and reach a wider audience in a specific niche.
  •   Know how to analyze and optimize ads campaigns for better resutls.
  •   Understand custom and lookalike audiences to expand reach and target similar users.
  •   Learn how to retarget website visitors or previous customers for better conversions .

How you’ll benefit?

  •   Having knowledge about social media advertisements is in high demand these days, as businesses of all sizes are investing heavily in Facebook and Instagram ads.
  •   Over 2.6 billion users are on Facebook and rely on ads and reviews to get firsthand information for their purchases and hence learning to operate Facebook ads is a need of the hour
  •   As a Facebook and Instagram ads professional, you will always have the potential to negotiate higher salaries both in India and worldwide.
  •   By learning how to run Facebook and Instagram ads, you can also work as a freelancer and earn a hefty amount of money.
  •   If you plan to start your own business, knowing how to run successful Facebook and Instagram ads can significantly benefit to your business.
  •   Learning Facebook and Instagram ads opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the digital marketing industry and you can apply with several potential profiles such as Social Media Manager, Paid Media Specialist and Digital Advertising Manager

100% JOB Guarantee

Everything said, we provide a 100% job guarantee in writing to our students. We work with multinational companies and have an unmatched track record of placing our students in renowned workplaces. Our Human Resource team works day and night to build links with the major IT companies. As of now, IP Expert arranges personalized interviews with companies like HCL, TCS, Accenture, Ericsson, Aricent, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Infosys, among others. Being one of the best CCNP Security training institutes in India, we have ensured that our placement team is refined and, on their toes, always.

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Learn from the experts

Our trainers are industry experts and certified professionals with years of hands-on experience. They provide invaluable insights, the latest trends, and practical knowledge directly from the live project.


IP Expert offers flexible batch timings for students and working professionals. We provide full time as well as part time courses on weekdays and weekends. You can also enroll for our facebook and instagram ads online course .

Hands-on Project Training

Our program ensures that students have experience handling multiple live projects by the time they complete the course. They successfully finish at least 20 real-life industry-based projects to thrive in the field of google advertising.

Authentic study material

While our course content is based on Facebook guidelines, we provide professionally designed complete study material including textbook, workbooks and course videos.

Earn a Certificate

When you finish your course training and complete your project, you will earn a certificate from IP Expert. This certificate will add value to your resume and make you stand out in the digital marketing industry.


We provide a written guarantee that each and every student of ours will be placed in renowned IT firms. We also make sure that we train our students with the English speaking and Interview handling classes for better job opportunity.