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If you are among the ones who want to master all aspects of digital marketing then this course is for you. As we discussed earlier, the scope of digital marketing is infinite in today’s world. More or less everything is becoming online and digital marketing is a marketing technique that utilizes the internet tactfully and entirely to bring an impact and reach the target audience.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing is a marketing technique widely used by anyone and everyone in business that makes use of the internet or electronic media to reach the target audience. The digital channels include display, search, mobile, social, and video. In other words, it is the process that connects advertisers with their audiences across digital channels. While the offline marketing techniques are not going anywhere, business globally have started to leverage the use of the online space and hence digital marketing is one of the most relevant fields of today’s time. On the top of it, digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach out to a wider audience and generates more leads than the traditional form of marketing.


As such, there are no formal pre-requisites to pursue this course. However, the candidate needs to have a basic understanding of computer science and Internet. Also, before taking up the exam, it is necessary to be thorough with the exam topics.


IP Expert provides more than 17 digital marketing certifications to the students. Out of those, nine are from Google, three Hubspot certifications; one Facebook certification, one Bing certification, and the rest are from affiliated vendors in the industry. You also get a DIGITAL MARKETING expert certification once you pass a simple exam from IP Expert. We make sure that all our students are well-trained before they appear for the exam. Our team of professionals helps you with the registration process as well. You can link your digital certification badge to all your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn to tell the world what you have achieved.

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What Will You Learn ?

During the digital marketing training course, you will begin with understanding the scope of digital marketing in the world of the internet. The first part of the course includes understanding the basics of digital marketing, why it is slated to be a great field in which you can push your career in, and what all are the career options that you will be presented with after completing the course. After this, you will know about domain names, website hosting, and then learn website development in the next level of the course. Once you are able to create a website template on a content management system of your choice, you will learn about handling the CMS. We will create a static, a dynamic website and an e-commerce website during the curriculum of the course.

After the creation and understanding of the website, the digital marketing course will take you to another level where you will begin with content creation. You will learn tools and techniques to improve the quality of the content. Then, it will take you to the several areas of the field including Search engine optimization, social media optimization, Google ads, web analytics, Pay per click, Facebook ads, and more. The digital marketing expert course by IP Expert is like a perfect combination of all the aspects of the field. We assure that you will understand in details of each and every aspect of the marketing. Before you leave, you will have a website ready and going to add to your resume. Besides, we make sure that our students get to work on at least three projects with multinationals. Also, if you are a freelancer and want to take this forward, in this course, our experts will teach you tricks and tactics to grab more work and build a clientele. That said, IP Expert is one of the best digital marketing courses in India. With the skills imparted and the ample of certifications you receive, you will become an asset in the world of jobs and even startups. Whatever be your motive, this course is relevant for anyone and everyone in this digital age.

  •   A comprehensive course to advance your skills in digital marketing
  •   Learn how to create and design a website
  •   Understand content writing and marketing techniques from our experts
  •   Hundreds of tools and techniques used in digital marketing
  •   Learn SEO tricks and techniques to rank your content on search engines
  •   Work on 20+ social media platforms including the most popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Youtube and LinkedIN.
  •   Understand how to make money with affiliate marketing techniques
  •   Understand how to make money with affiliate marketing techniques
  •   Know how to design Google ads and work on it to make profit
  •   Learn know how to analyze website data on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis using Google analytics and Google Tag manager
  •   Get certified in digital marketing and become an expert
  •   Open doors to thousands of high-paying jobs in every industry
  •   Know how to design Google ads and work on it to make profit

How you’ll benefit?

  •   One of the biggest advantages of getting certified in digital marketing is that it has removed all sorts of geographical barriers and you can work worldwide
  •   A digital marketing expert knows everything from content writing, SEO, to paid marketing and hence is one of the most desired candidates in the industry
  •   Once you are certified in digital marketing, you can earn beginning from Rs 6 lakhs per annum to Rs 18 lakhs per annum and even more if you target the global industry
  •   From large corporations like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon, to small startups and companies – you can find plenty of employment prospects in this line. This said, all other industries make use of digital marketing and are searching for a certified candidate
  •   Digital marketing is an emerging field and earning a certificate will not only increase your chances to more jobs but will also open your mind to creativity • With the swift growth of Digital Marketing and the rising demand for Digital
  •   With the swift growth of Digital Marketing and the rising demand for Digital Marketing experts, companies are recognizing the value of Digital Marketing Certifications and hence you will be the most sought-after candidates

100% JOB Guarantee

Everything said, we provide a 100% job guarantee in writing to our students. We work with multinational companies and have an unmatched track record of placing our students in renowned workplaces. Our Human Resource team works day and night to build links with the major multinational companies. As of now, IP Expert arranges personalized interviews with companies like HCL, TCS, Accenture, Ericsson, Aricent, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Infosys, among others in the IT field. That said, Digital Marketing is something that is required by all companies with internet presence so we have tied up with multinationals in several domains including FMCG, health, automobiles, digital marketing, among others. Being one of the best DIGITAL MARKETING training institutes in India, we have ensured that our placement team is refined and, on their toes, always.

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Learn from the industry experts

Our trainers are industry experts and Certified professionals who work day and night to train students. IP Expert has hired trainers who have been in the Digital Marketing industry for more than 10 years or so. Our trainers have handled various projects of many multinationals and they are all set to share their expertise and experience with our students.


IP Expert offers flexible batch timings for students and working professionals. We provide full time as well as part time courses on weekdays and weekends. You can also enroll for our Digital Marketing online course and learn from home.

Hands-on Project Training

At IP Expert, we make sure that students learn through experience. As it is said that every specialization includes a hands-on project, we make sure that our students handle several Digital Marketing projects in the corporate world. Note that you will need to successfully finish the project(s) to complete the specialization and earn your certificate.

Authentic study material

While our course content is based on Google guidelines, we provide professionally designed complete study material including Books workbooks and course videos

Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you will earn a certificate from IP Expert that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network. This certificate will add value to your resume and make you stand out in the digital marketing industry.

100% Job Guarantee

We provide a written guarantee that each and every student of ours will be placed in renowned IT firms. We also make sure that we train our students with the English speaking and Interview handling classes for better job opportunity.

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Course Duration : 40 Hours

IP Expert offers flexible batch timings for students and working professionals.We provide full time as well as part time courses so that students can complete their courses as per their convenience, you can also register for our online trainings.

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