Cisco Security Certification Training

IPexpert boasts a full portfolio of Cisco Security Certification Training training products and classes for various Cisco Certifications. These products include Self-Paced Workbooks, Audio Lecture, Video on Demand Courses, online Rack Rental and Classroom Training. IPexpert's products have scaled the globe

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Cisco Security Certification Training for CCIE Security Lab, CCIE Security Written, CCNP Security and CCNA Security Exams.

CCIE Lab Security Training - IPexpert's CCIE Security Lab Training Product Portfolio is the industry’s most thorough and professionally delivered CCIE study material on the market today, that are extremely lengthy, challenging and designed to allow you to fully comprehend how prepared you are for the real CCIE Security 3.0 Lab exam with emphasis on Complex theory, technical tips, test taking strategies and more.

CCIE Written Security Training - IPexpert's CCIE Security Written Exam Training Portfolio is a comprehensive programme designed for CCIE Security candidates who wish to learn Layer 2 Technologies, IP Multicast and more CCIE Security Written topics included in the CCIE Security Written exam at their own pace. 

CCNP To CCIE Security Transition Kit - IPexpert's CCNP to CCIE Security Transition Kit is designed for CCIE Security candidates who wish to bridge the gap between CCNP and CCIE Security. Learn about the protocols and technologies included in the exam blueprint at your own pace with IPexpert's comprehensive Transition Kit eBook.

CCNP Security Training - The CCNP Security Product  Portfolio is designed for every type of learner. Whether you are a visual learner or need that extra push IPexpert has the product for you. Join our industry recognised instructors in a CCNP Video on Demand Course or listen on the go as they lecture on complex technologies with IPexpert's CCNP Security Audio on Demand Lecture Series.

CCNA Security Training  - IPexpert's CCNA Security Product Portfolio is structured around the CCNA Security Exam Blueprint, covering topics such as describing how a network works,  configuring, verifying and troubleshooting a switch with VLANs and more. With products developed for every type of learner CCNA Security candidates will be able to maximise the chance of passing the CCNA Security Lab.

Client Testimonials
I used IPexpert workbooks and I've found them awesome!!!
I passed the CCIE Security on October 6th, 2009 and now I am proud to be CCIE #25629.

My lab studying started last year and had a failure March, still for v2. Then I started to study for V3.

I used IPexpert workbooks and I've found them awesome!!! Read carefully every lab from both volume 1 and 2 and practice a lot... You will be good for the lab portion...For the OEQ, I recommend people reading all the examples, I mean, the explanation part why you are configuring it and be sure you are able to explain even with your own words... Ah, reading Q&A documents at Cisco site is also good for OEQ.

Finally, try to develop a strategy to solve the lab. Remember that 4 points for an "easy" (easy means that YOU know how to do it without looking for any documentation) question values the same that 4 points for a tough question...

To finish, I had scheduled my exam in August to be doing it in October when something nobody desires happened. I was almost good to go when I had the sad news that my mother had passed away. I almost quit the idea of doing the test, but I am sure she would be very happy if I passed it, as she was expecting me to do so...